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About Me

As far back as I remember I liked to be a helper. My junior year in high school I took an elective class that shadowed teachers but my attention was always diverted to the one kid in the room who was struggling. I loved the idea of working with kids in a school setting which is why I later went on to college to be a guidance counselor.  After working in the field for some time I found that most of my time was spent scheduling classes, writing recommendation letters, and attending endless meetings. 


My dream to have my own practice was born when I saw the need that young people had for one on one counseling.  It's so rewarding to see my clients use the tools that we have explored in session in their everyday life.  Each and every one of my clients has paved the way for the next. 

I consider it an honor to be able to share in your journey, celebrate your successes, and watch as you find a little more joy in every day.  



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